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MSD系列高速离心喷雾干燥机 MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer
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99999 高速离心喷雾干燥机 MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer
  • 货号:MSD-100
  • 发布日期: 2020-02-18
  • 更新日期: 2021-12-03
外型尺寸 3*5*8
品牌 高速离心喷雾干燥机 MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer
货号 MSD-100
用途 江苏博鸿提供的喷雾干燥机,压力喷雾干燥塔,离心式喷雾干燥机,卧式压力喷雾干燥机,流化床喷雾干燥制粒机,上排风多级流化床喷雾造粒干燥机,中药浸膏喷雾干燥机,符合医药GMP/FDA要求。
型号 MSD-100
制造商 分散剂专用压力喷雾干燥塔 染料高速离心喷雾干燥机 低温喷雾造粒烘干机


MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer


Spray dryer | Upper exhaust fluidized bed spray drying granulator |

Horizontal pressure spray granulator dryer


Jiangsu bohong spray dryer, pressure spray drying tower, centrifugal spray dryer, horizontal pressure spray dryer, fluidized bed spray granulating machine, upper exhaust multi-stage fluidized bed spray granulating dryer, Chinese medicine extract spray dryer, in line with GMP/FDA requirements. Jiangsu bohong manufacturing spray drying equipment stable performance, modular design, to provide you with advanced spray drying solutions and experimental spray drying process experimental prototype. Jiangsu bohong is a high quality spray drying equipment manufacturers, has provided more than hundreds of high quality spray drying equipment, customers throughout the country and Europe/southeast Asia/the Middle East and other overseas regions.


MSD series high-speed centrifugal spray dryer -- equipment overview


High-speed centrifugal spray drying machine is mainly suitable for colleges and universities, research institutes and the food and medicine and chemical industry enterprise laboratory trace particles of powder production, such as emulsion, suspending liquid has a broad spectrum of all solution applicability, suitable for drying thermal sensitivity material such as biological products, biological pesticide, enzymes, because of overflowing material only when sprayed into mist particle size under high temperature, it is just instant heating, can maintain the active material in dry hind still maintain its active ingredients are not destroyed.


MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer - working principle


The air is filtered and heated and enters the air distributor at the top of the dryer. The feed liquid passes through the high speed centrifugal atomizer on the top of the tower body, and turns the spray into extremely fine mist droplets, which can be dried into finished products in a very short time after contacting with the hot air.


Contact between hot air flow and fog droplets in spray dryer: when enough hot air flow enters the spray drying chamber, the direction and Angle of hot air flow must be considered, whether it is parallel flow, reverse flow or mixed flow, to ensure the full contact with fog droplets, in order to carry out full heat exchange.


The finished product of the spray dryer is continuously output from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator. The whole spray system is easy to clean, no dead corner, in line with GMP requirements.


MSD series high speed centrifugal spray dryer -- product features


High speed centrifugal spray dryer drying speed, the surface area of the material after atomization greatly increased, in the hot air flow, can instantly evaporate 95-98% of the water, drying time only a few seconds, especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials.


High speed centrifugal spray dryer has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high purity and good quality. For the liquid with moisture content of 40-60% (up to 90% for special materials), it can be dried into powder products at one time. After drying, there is no need to crush and screen, which can reduce the production process and improve the product purity. The product size, loose density and moisture can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions within a certain range, which is very convenient for control and management.


The spray dryer is operated with a large color touch screen, with the combination of automatic control and manual control to meet the user's requirements for adjusting various parameters. In the design of drying temperature control, the machine adopts real-time PID thermostatic control technology.


The production process is simplified and the operation and control are convenient. One-button startup, fully automatic control. After setting the spray process parameters, the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the pump starts up by itself, the running animation is displayed on the touch screen, and the running process is clearly displayed. When the machine is shut down, just press the stop button and the machine will shut down automatically and safely.


ZLPG series Chinese medicine extract spray dryer -- equipment overview


Chinese traditional medicine extract is made from a plant root leaf extract, alcohol extraction process, in particular, it contains high sugar, softening melting at high temperature, ordinary centrifugal spray have been unable to meet the dry, aimed at the situation of jiangsu bo hong company organized capable technical force, the successful experience of design and manufacture of spray dryer, collecting the advantages of the similar products in the same industry at home and abroad, through precision, repeated process calculation and countless experiments, developed a Chinese medicine extract spray dryer, and promote to some well-known pharmaceutical factories.


ZLPG series Chinese medicine extract spray dryer - working principle


The high speed centrifugal spray device for traditional Chinese medicine extract is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials. It is also a drying device that USES the high speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the materials into a mist and make full contact with the hot air to complete instant drying and form a powdery finished product.


ZLPG series traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer -- equipment advantages


The special spray dryer for traditional Chinese medicine extract is a spray dryer specially used to solve the problems of traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extract. It solves the following problems in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extract in the original LPG high-speed spray dryer:


The material sticks to the wall, the powder yield is low;


The material stays on the wall for a long time, resulting in coking deterioration of the material;


Difficult to clean, not in line with GMP requirements;


Low yield: lpg-150 spray dryer can only handle 50-60kg/h liquid.


In view of the above situation, jiangsu bohong according to the material properties and process requirements of traditional Chinese medicine extract design traditional Chinese medicine extract dryer problem, after drying the material color is good, do not deteriorate, greatly improve the economic benefits of the factory, traditional Chinese medicine extract and MSD series high-speed centrifugal spray dryer has the following characteristics:


The air treatment system adopts high and middle level air filtration, which makes the air inlet reach the level of 300,000.


With cold air jacket and cold wall device, the inner wall temperature reaches 80℃, and the material stays on the wall without coking;


The diameter and height of the tower have been adjusted accordingly to ensure that the materials can not reach the wall of the tower before drying and the residence time of the materials in the hot air. The tower wall is provided with jacket cold air cooling device to ensure that materials adsorbed on the tower wall will soften, melt and even coking due to excessive local temperature;


All contact points with materials in the main machine shall adopt a plane or arc transition, and the contact surface shall be polished and polished (fine casting to 10 or more) to avoid sand holes and dead corners.


Put an end to the accumulation of material blocking; The contact between the whole unit and materials is made of stainless steel to ensure the materials are not polluted. The transmission parts in contact with materials are well sealed, waterproof and oil-proof; The outlet shall be operated by sealed butterfly valve to prevent air leakage;


With the increase of the cone Angle, an air jar is installed on the cone, and the compressed air pulse type seismic hammer is used to knock down the powder adsorbed on the cylinder smoothly.


The air outlet pipe is connected with live connection, which can be disassembled, cleaned, disinfected and sterilized at any time. Suitable for multi - variety production requirements.


Dedusting adopts wet dedusting to keep the dust out and meet the requirements of environmental protection.


PLC control, program control system screen display;


Equipped with on-line cleaning device; The tower body and pipelines are equipped with quick opening cleaning holes and blowdown holes;


Equipped with air scavenging device and sealed with dry air;


PLC program control system loop; The touch screen animation displays the technological process, which is operable. The variable operating parameters can be automatically tracked and adjusted by fuzzy technology. Adjust the atomizer stably and safely with frequency converter; Inlet and outlet air temperature, tower pressure digital display, can set the number.


WZ series horizontal spray dryer -- equipment overview


Horizontal spray dryer is a form of rapid development and wide application in the field of drying, suitable for liquid raw materials such as solution, emulsion and pumpable suspension to produce powder, particle or block solid products, by horizontal spray dryer spray drying into dry powder, fine medium particle products.


Its working principle: horizontal spray drier air through the filter and heating devices, into the drying chamber at the top of the hot air distributor, through the hot air distributor of hot air to evenly into the drying chamber, and a spiral flow, at the same time to send material liquid to install in the drying chamber at the top of the centrifugal spray head, the material liquid is atomized into small fog droplets, make the material liquid significantly increased surface area of contact with the hot air, moisture to evaporate quickly, form dry products in a very short period of time.


With the continuous development of spray drying and improvement of horizontal spray drying was dry heat-sensitive materials, different drying properties such as viscosity, liquidity, and the product particle size, particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density, particle shape, such as different quality requirements, such as used in the food industry of milk powder, whey powder, cream powder, egg powder, fruit juice powder, instant coffee production, such as in other industries such as biological products, detergent, ceramic industry is also very common.


WZ series horizontal spray dryer - equipment features


Horizontal spray dryer powder concentrated discharge, that is, only a powder mouth, so as to solve the problem of aggregates in the pipeline and the consistency of powder granularity and water content, to ensure the quality of products, improve the product phase. Effectively protect the active ingredient of the product when reducing the stay in the pipeline after powder drying.


Horizontal spray dryer for material atomization, hot air dehydration and drying, low-speed circulation scraper powder transmission, exhaust bag dust removal, powder production and a series of technological processes are in the same compact dryer body continuous completion; It covers a small area, is easy to clean, and has a small loss of heat energy. The unique tail gas heat recovery system can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the comprehensive utilization of heat of the dryer.


FPCG series fluidized bed spray drying granulator


Fluidized bed boiling drying granulator |Fluidized bed spray drying granulator |Fluidized bed boiling granulator


Jiangsu bohong fluidized bed boiling drying granulator, fluidized bed spray drying granulator, fluidized bed boiling granulator, horizontal boiling dryer, vibrating fluidized bed dryer, high efficiency boiling dryer, fluidized bed bottom spray coating machine, high efficiency coating machine, in line with GMP/FDA requirements. Jiangsu bohong manufacturing spray drying granulator coating equipment stable performance, modular design, to provide you with advanced spray drying granulator coating overall solution and experimental granulator drying process experimental prototype. Jiangsu bohong is a manufacturer of high quality spray drying granulation coating equipment, has provided more than hundreds of sets of high quality spray drying granulation coating equipment, customers throughout the country and Europe/southeast Asia/the Middle East and other overseas regions.


FPCG series fluidized bed spray drying granulator - equipment overview


Fluidized bed spray drying granulator integrates spray drying/fluidized granulator to realize one-step granulation of liquid materials; Especially suitable for micro excipients, heat sensitive materials, using spray process, more suitable for polysaccharides, viscous or heat sensitive products. The structure of spray drying chamber, capture chamber, fluidized bed and secondary air supply system has been significantly modified to show the characteristics of spray drying. It is suitable for preparing granule, capsule, tablet or coating granule of Chinese patent medicine.


FPCG series fluidized bed spray drying granulating machine -- equipment advantages


The granules produced by fluidized bed spray drying granulator are easy to dissolve, the granule is easy to dissolve and the tablet is easy to disintegrate. The equipment works under sealed negative pressure, the inner surface is smooth and clean, without dead Angle, which is conducive to cleaning and in line with GMP requirements.


Experimental, pilot and production fluidized beds are all designed according to the same technical standard, so the products will have good parallel amplification and reproducibility.



?1、筒体的结构经过 的空气动力学的计算







List 3 equipment advantages for reference only.

2.1 Air flow structure

· 1. The cylinder structure is calculated by accurate aerodynamics

· 2. Uniform air flow drives the material to circulate evenly in the cylinder

· 3. The rising and settling speeds of materials are controlled by the wind speed control of airflow

· 4. Combined with the performance of the spray gun, pelletizing and coating can achieve the best effect

· 5. Specific airflow design can be carried out according to the properties of materials, particle size and auxiliary materials

· 6. Particles with uniform particle size distribution can be obtained, which can be applied and coated efficiently and evenly

· 7. Compared with ordinary fluidized bed, it can produce particles with a narrower particle size range, and the coating efficiency is more than twice that of ordinary fluidized bed.







2.2、Filter bag

· 1. Import 5/10/20/30/50 micron anti-static filter bag

· 2. Materials are not easy to stick and block

· 3. Increased product yield

· 4. Maintain good ventilation rate

· 5. Easy to clean and not easy to cross contamination








2.3 High speed spray gun

· 1. Mixed spray gun

· 2. Particle size of atomized droplets can be adjusted

· 3. Atomization Angle can be adjusted

· 4. Atomized particle size is very uniform without pulse

· 5. Reduce pelletizing and coating time with large flow rate

· 6. Compared with ordinary spray guns, it can save the use of raw materials and accessories

Scope of applicable products of spray dryer

《Drying engineering of amino acid and organic acid products》

1. Amino acid products: glutamic acid, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, phenylalanine, glycine, alanine, cystine, cysteine, serine, tyrosine, proline, arginine, histidine, ornithine, citrulline, theanine, branched amino acid, etc.

2. Organic acid products: citric acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, itaconic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, pyruvate, long-chain dibasic acid, fatty acid, etc.

《Drying engineering of starch and starch sugar products》

1, contract starch sugar and corn starch, potato starch, corn protein powder, corn oil, protein feed, various DE value glucose syrup, maltose, maltodextrin, fructose syrup, various USES of modified starch, high water absorption starch, binder, etc.

2. Polyol products: sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, sugarcane.

3. Dew alcohol, lactose alcohol, iso-maltoketol, arabinol, erythritum.

4. Alcohol, propylene glycol, 1-3 propylene glycol, glycol, butanediol, hydrogenated 5) starch syrup, sugar alcohol and its derivatives.

《Drying engineering of enzyme preparation products》

Amylase, glycosylase, protease, cellulase, isoamylase, isomerase, glucanase, pectinase, lipase, xylanase, etc.

《Yeast and its derivatives products》

Contract high activity dry yeast, medicinal yeast, feed yeast, nutritional yeast, yeast extract, etc.

《Drying engineering of functional fermentation products》

Lentinan, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, cordyceps sinensis, red koji pigment, oligomeric isomaltose and various functional sugar alcohol, etc.

《Slaughterhouse by-products》

Blood and fish products: animal protein, blood (dark albumin, light albumin), fish protein, fish meal, brain, fish sauce, glue and hydrolyzed glue, liver and whale sauce.

《Dairy drying project》

Contracted UHT milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, color milk, lactic acid drinks, all kinds of milk powder, ice cream, condensed milk, cheese, cream, casein, milk beer and other projects.

《Instant granulation and drying project of various powder materials》

Contracted all kinds of nutritional powder, coffee companion, bone powder, blood powder, meat powder, sodium casehydrochloride and other projects.

《Drying engineering of fruit and vegetable products》

Contracted pumpkin powder, apple juice, lotus seed milk, lotus seed tea, lotus paste biscuits, citrus wine, hawthorn powder, carrot powder, licorice powder, peanut powder, peanut oil and other projects.

《Soybean drying project》

Contract soy flour, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy protein separation and other projects.